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Something's gotta give

I'd love to tell you I've always been an environmentalist, or that I started the company because I wanted to change the world.

I can't.

I started the company because in my heart of hearts, I deeply hate shopping. I hate the crowds, I hate having to look through rack after rack before I find something I like (don't get me started on finding every size except the one I'm looking for), and I hate spending money on something I haven't thought about.

I started thinking about babies and how fast they grow. Going through all of those things that make the shopping experience unpleasant to me and then 3 months later being left with a pile of clothes that have no purpose except to make parents nostalgic, which you don't even have time to be because it's already time to buy 12 month old clothes and what?! the baby's-only-9-months-old-how-is-this-going-so fastIonlyjustspent£50forclothesafortnight ago!!

And breathe.

I'm afraid I can't slow time down (or speed it up on those days when it's 9am and you don't think you're already wondering how you're going to survive the day), and I can't stop your baby from growing, but I can give you a solution on their clothes.

Then, what started out as an idea to make clothes last longer and pay parents for helping that goal eventually became an eco-friendly business. I began to learn about things like the circular economy, which moves us away from a disposable culture, and the sharing economy, where the focus is on access over ownership, as with AirBnB, Wikipedia, and Uber. I quickly realised the world is moving in a sustainable direction, and children's clothing needs to move with it.

I don't ever want Cradle to Crib to be "preachy" about sustainability. My goal is to run the business in a way that means you might never know the care that goes in behind the scenes to ensure fair-wage suppliers, eco-friendly material, and zero waste production techniques are used.

But it does. And with that care comes the quality I hope you'll come to rely on.

For anyone who wants to know more, I'll continue to update this blog with what we're doing to make your retail choices easy, affordable, and sustainable.

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