Cradle to Crib is a small company with one goal: to get more use out of baby & toddler clothes.

We're part of the slow fashion movement. At the moment, all clothes are made here in the Cotswolds, by the company. 

What really sets us apart is what happens after your child has outgrown our clothes. We hope that you'll send them to us when they're outgrown (we'll take care of postage) and we'll give you cash back or credit towards future purposes, with the amount dependant on the condition of the clothes. We'll accept clothes in any condition and work to refurbish them to good-as-new, and then we'll resell them at a discount in our "Pre-Loved" section. We hope by doing this, we'll be able to reduce the number of new clothes being created and do our part to help minimize waste in the world.

Cradle to Crib has big ambitions, but we are still a small company. We can often be found at local Gloucestershire events and would love to hear from you, either at those events or through the website.

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Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

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